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OSCE Security Days event

>When: 16 September 2013
>Where: Hofburg, Vienna
>Organized by: the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Secretary General

Launched in 2012 at the initiative of the Secretary General Mr. Lamberto Zannier, the Security Days is a forum for dialogue on the current and future role of the OSCE as a security organization. It is a valuable opportunity for practitioners, experts, representatives of civil society, and delegates to engage with panellists in an interactive discussion both on the challenges the OSCE faces in addressing current security threats and on the role of civil society in shaping a security community.
OSCE Secretary General Mr. Lamberto Zannier | File image: OSCE corporate website
OSCE Secretary General Mr. Lamberto Zannier | File image: OSCE corporate website

This event will provide a platform for discussion on conflict resolution and peace enhancement tools. It will focus on conceptual and practical approaches in order to identify where further work should be taken forward as regards OSCE conflict resolution efforts and related aspects. The aim is to optimize the Organization’s comparative advantages while taking account of the role and contributions of other international/regional organizations as well as lessons learned and best practices.

The OSCE works to prevent conflicts from arising and to facilitate lasting comprehensive political settlements for existing conflicts. It also helps with the process of rehabilitation in post-conflict areas. It co-operates with representatives of the United Nations and other international organizations operating in areas of conflict.
File image: Conflict resolution Sydney
File image: Conflict resolution Sydney

File image: OSCE corporate website
File image: OSCE corporate website
For further information: Preliminary draft agenda of this OSCE event.
Please also check: OSCE corporate website | Secretary General.

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